Aura Deep Cleansing Facial-60 min                 $96
A custom blended facial suitable for all skin types, resulting in clean, smooth and glowing skin

Aura Gentleman’s Facial-60 min                       $96
A treatment that addresses the skincare needs of men. This cleansing and toning facial smoothes the skin from frequent razor use and environmental stressors

Aura Acne Treatment-60 min                            $110
The ultimate treatment if you are prone to acne and break-outs; deep pore cleansing and exfoliation will leave your skin feeling clean and smooth, helping to reduce future break-outs

Aura Sensitive Skin Facial-60 min                    $96
A soothing and calming treatment designed for those with sensitive skin, fragile capillaries, and /or rosacea

Aura Teen Facial-45 min                                       $70
A treatment specially developed to sooth teenage skin and helps reduce congestion and break-outs